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The Astronomical Society of Greenbelt is an organization made up of people in and around Greenbelt, MD who are interested in astronomy. The group's objective is to educate people about the fascinating science and hobby of astronomy. Persons of all knowledge and skill levels, whether members of the Society or not, are welcome to attend activities.

Regular meetings, normally featuring a presentation by an authority on some astronomical topic, are (usually) held on the last non-holiday Thursday of each month, either at the H.B. Owens Science Center or the Greenbelt Community Center. Check our Events page and our Yahoo group page for specifics.

Star parties are held on selected Saturdays -- and other days for notable events -- at the City of Greenbelt Observatory on Northway (extended) in Greenbelt. Visitors are welcome to set up their own telescopes on the hill. Check our Events page for scheduled dates, and check our Yahoo group page a day or so in advance for specific star party agendas. Click here if you would like to know more, including what to expect.

2019 ASG brochure: Click here to view our brochure (PDF, 222 KB). Feel free to download it and print it out (and distribute it!).