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The Astronomical Society of Greenbelt, originally known as the Greenbelt Astronomy Club, was founded by Doug Love and George Gliba. Both had been members of the Goddard Astronomy Club. Due to NASA security restrictions, that club's members must be affiliated with the Goddard Space Flight Center. Since the Goddard club received inquiries from people with no connection to Goddard who wanted to join, Mr. Love and Mr. Gliba decided to start a group without membership restrictions.

The first meeting was in December, 1992. It took place in the Greenbelt Branch of the Prince Georges County Library System. Shortly thereafter, meetings moved to the H.B. Owens Science Center, which is part of the Prince Georges County School System. Meetings have been held there ever since.

Two other members who were instrumental in starting the group were Russ Waugh and Lynne Gilliland. Mr. Waugh was the planetarium director at the Owens Science Center, and was instrumental in securing the use of that facility for club meetings. Ms. Gilliland helped with a variety of administrative tasks.

Montgomery College donated an observatory dome and 14 inch SCT telescope to the group in March, 2001. With the help of the City of Greenbelt and Gil and Jaylee Mead (founders of the Mead Family Foundation, former residents of Greenbelt, and both retired professional astronomers), this observatory will be erected at the Northway Fields observing site.

In June, 2005, the group voted to change its name to the Astronomical Society of Greenbelt to better reflect its educational mission.

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